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Techniques in Molecular & Cellular Biology - MCB 525 Sept. 8-18, 2015

Application for Techniques in Molecular and Cellular Biology Graduate Workshop (fall term course)- MCB 525




  Apply by January 1 for full consideration

The Molecular and Cellular Biology program provides interdisciplinary graduate paths for students to pursue education and research training in diverse and cutting-edge areas of the life sciences at the molecular, cellular, and genome-wide scales.

About us:

The interdisciplinary Molecular and Cellular Biology (MCB) Program coordinates graduate education in diverse areas of biology at the molecular, cellular, and genome-wide scales.  There is a growing emphasis on approaches using bioinformatics and computational approaches, and emphasizing systems-level understanding of biological processes. 

MCB students take the MCB core curriculum and receive their Ph.D. degrees in the Molecular and Cellular Biology Program.   M.S. students are currently not accepted in the MCB Program.  MCB students share a common interdisciplinary experience and curriculum during the first year of training: core courses, research rotations, and opportunities to gain practical scientific skills and ethics training.  After the first year, students experience training that more directly follows the dissertation research topic and the home lab.

Prospective Student Recruitment:  Prospective students interested in the MCB program should directly contact individual MCB faculty to explore possibilities and learn more about the research going on in her or his lab.  Acceptance to the MCB program will require early establishment of prospective student-mentor relationships, and ongoing interaction throughout the recruitment process.  More details are provided on the Application Process and Student Support page.