Shawn Mehlenbacher

Professor, Horticulture

Office: ALS 4145
Phone: (541) 737-5467
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Ph.D. 1982, Cornell University

KEYWORDS: Plant breeding and genetics, hazelnut, marker-assisted selection, disease resistance, fingerprinting


Plant Breeding: Develop new cultivars for Oregon's hazelnut industry, with emphasis on resistance to eastern filbert blight (EFB) and suitability for the kernel market. Practice marker-assisted selection using robust RAPD markers linked to the dominant resistance allele from 'Gasaway'. Improve breeding methods and efficiency. Collect hazelnut germplasm from around the world, evaluate it, and use interesting accessions as parents in breeding. Cooperate with Rutgers University, the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, and the National Arbor Day Foundation to develop interspecific hazelnut hybrids (Corylus americana x C. avellana) adapted to eastern North America.

Plant Genetics: Identify additional sources of resistance to eastern filbert blight, study genetic control, and identify or develop DNA markers linked to new sources of resistance. Develop microsatellite markers and assign the loci to linkage groups. Use microsatellite markers to fingerprint accessions and study genetic variability in Corylus. Obtain information on the genetic control of traits. Identify the S-alleles that control pollen-stigma incompatibility in hazelnut cultivars and selections. Perform fine mapping and map-based cloning of the EFB resistance gene from 'Gasaway'. Perform fine mapping and map-based cloning of the incompatibility in hazelnut, and investigate its molecular basis. Cooperate with Todd Mockler in sequencing the genome of 'Jefferson' hazelnut. Assist in sequencing the genome of the EFB pathogen.